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If you're looking for a healthy, comfortable, convenient sleep solution, read on. The futon just might be your answer. The futon is traditional Japanese bedding that consists of a padded mattress and quilt which can be folded and stored when it's not being used. That's the beauty of the futon. It's there when you need it and it not when you don't. This allows space to be multi-purpose, rather than a dedicated bed room that you don't use when you're not sleeping.




In Japan, futons are designed to be placed upon the floor. In the West, the futon, although based on the Japanese original is usually placed on a frame. Depending upon the design of the frame, this enables the futon to have two uses; as a bed and as a couch. Western futons are usually filled with foam, or a combination of foam and cotton, sometimes in several layers and therefore much larger and thicker than traditional Japanese futons, looking more like mattress. Accordingly, they are also more comfortable. Ironically, most Japanese people would not recognize a Western futon as a futon. They would not expect to see the futon itself on a frame.

Western futons are often sold in sets with the futon, the frame, and a cover included as one unit. Covers are usually decorative and removable. People usually have several coves for each futon.

Some people rave about the great back support that futons provide, as well as the ability to be easily taken outside to be aired in the sunlight. The ease with which futons can be moved about is a great feature.

First introduced in the 60s, futons are especially popular with college students, people who live in apartments, and others with tight living arrangements. People also purchase futons so that they can be extra bedding for visitors, while acting as a couch most of the time.

In the West, futons come in multiple sizes. From the loveseat size futon which sleeps one as an oversized chair during the day, to the full-size futon which sleeps two adults and seats three, to the queen size which also sleeps two, albeit a bit more comfortably.




The frame of the futon can be made of wood or metal, or it can even be fully upholstered. Futon frames, futons, and covers can all be mixed and matched to suit your needs as well as your decor. Futon covers are easy to change so you can change the look of the space without a major redecorating project. You can even change it based upon who's coming over. This is one of the big appeals of the futon sleeping system.

Futon beds include the queen size futon, futon chair, leather futon, futon sofa and brands like Click Clack and shiki.  You can even get a loveseat model for sale or a mini futon for cheap.  Most any store will have the best model for your needs, whether large or small.

Many people say that sleeping on a futon is actually more comfortable than sleeping on a traditional convertible sofa. The futon does not have the metal bars that come with a convertible sofa. It's actually easier to fold up and put away the futon than it is to close the convertible sofa.

Even without their dual function, futons are very price competitive with other sleeping solutions. Plus, there is always the cool factor.